It HOT. Like fry an egg on the pavement hot. Sitting inside in the AC all day is so boring though. One of the best outdoor activities (other than paddling and rafting obviously) during a heat wave is waterfall hiking. Waterfalls are typically located in cooler, treed canyons and the reward of the cool spray when you get there is always so refreshing. Here is the best short, shady waterfall hikes around to get outside and beat the heat!

Cherry Creek Falls

Head out on Highway 95A from Kimberley towards Ta Ta Creek. Turn left on Lost Dog FSR, following the signs for Cherry Creek Regional Park. The road is a bit rough, but any 2wd vehicle can do it if you take your time. Park in the small parking lot and head on the footpath not the left towards the falls, you will be able to hear them. There are picnic tables and fire pits, so pack a picnic! The walk is short and provides great shade.

Marysville Falls

Our own hidden gem right here in Kimberley! Start in the city parking lot beside Lickity Split in Marysville, and cross the road towards the big wooden bridge. Head down 5-10 minutes on the boardwalk and you will quickly come to a viewpoint on your left of these huge falls! This canyon is cool and shaded, a great option when its really hot out.

Meachen Falls

This drive is a bit more of an adventure, but it is very scenic. Accessed of the St Marys Lake road, head towards the lake, but take the bridge when the lake forks, don’t actually head to the parking for the lake. Take a sharp right turn at the first road, Hellroaring Creek FSR. Then take your first right onto Meachen Creek Road, drive about 8km. You will cross a bridge, the parking lot is a wide turnaround spot about 500 M passed the 34km sign. You will see flagging on the right side of the road, following the trail 300 M down to a junction. Stay right for the viewpoint to the falls. Be very cautious, there is no fencing along the wet rocks that drops off above the falls.

Perry Creek Falls

Head towards Cranbrook on the 95A. Take a left on Wycliffe Park Road before reaching Shadow Mountain Golf Restory. Turn left on Old Wycliffe Road and continue for about 1km before turning right on Perry Creek Road. This road turns into a well-maintained gravel road. Follow it for about 10km before parking at a yellow gate at the start of the trail. This hike is 2.6 km, mostly through the woods, and leads to a lovely waterfall with lots of smooth rocks at the bottom from years of erosion.

Bonus: Fairy Creek Falls in Fernie

Past the town of Fernie on highway 95, turn left on Commerce Drive. Park at the visitor information centre. This well used 5km trail is well signed all the way to the falls. The majority of the hike is in the trees, and the spray at the bottom of the falls is so refreshing.