Step 1 : You’re already ahead of the game by choosing the best rafting company EVER! We aim to please, but we play safe and LOVE having you in our boats

Step 2: Get ready to get wet! It’s okay if you’re a bit nervous as it’s part of the excitement. But have no fear as we’ll keep you safe as can be.

Step 3: Part of the safety is in the equipment. So wear the proper equipment that we provide for you and you’re group. And no worries, we’ll help everyone find the proper fit.

Step 4. The ride!! Try to stay in the boat but if you happen to take the plunge don’t panic. Our guides are trained to get you back in the boat so stay close and trust us. We got ya!

Step 6: Embrace the river! What could be more exciting than paddling a raft on a river, getting wet, and spending time laughing with wonderful people in a beautiful part of the world?!

We just can’t WAIT to have you aboard the St. Mary’s with us!!